Siamo stati contattati dal Signor Matteo, responsabile di un’importante società con sede ad Amsterda, in Olanda. Ci scrive perchè l’azienda per la quale lavora è alla ricerca di personale nel settore informatico. Andiamo a leggere bene in cosa consiste questa importante offerta di lavoro in Olanda.

Importante offerta di lavoro in Olanda


Importante offerta di lavoro in Olanda


L’azienda con sede ad Amsterdam ci ha chiesto di pubblicare l’annuncio in versione originale. Lo trovate qui di seguito:


We are looking for people who are interested to come to the Netherlands for at least a year to work with one of our most interesting clients in Banking.

This bank is heavily investing in its Digital Transformation and needs a lot of help.


The Bank’s offices are located in the Amsterdam area. The more you match to the following profile, the better it is.


Job Description:

You will focus on strengthening the monitoring and automated delivery of our software to meet the challenges posed by the growth in the number of users of the bank. Some of the main responsibilities are listed below, we expect you to be able to cover more than half of them:

– Monitoring and supporting the production environment and several other environments of the bank;

– Automating the installation and integration of different components;

– Capacity management of file systems and databases used;

– Owning backup/restore and disaster recovery processes;

– Ability to analyze DB performance and make necessary performance tuning suggestions;

– Streamlining our development process from code check-ins all the way to deployment into production in collaboration with Dev colleagues;

– Evolve our approach for monitoring and alerting towards preventive monitoring.


You will participate in DevOps teams and software release cycles in collaboration with the Commercial Banking business and its support functions, all within a DevOps way of working.

Your work environment:

You will work in the dynamic and challenging environment of the IT organization of the bank.

We operate according to a Scrum Agile development process and strongly believe in the DevOps approach to delivering IT solutions. The focus is on high-quality mission-critical software delivered in time using iterative development with regular milestone demos to the business, so that at the end there are no surprises about what we build.


Desired skills & experience:

– IT (Master/Bachelor) technical degree;

– Proven track record in this role, preferably in an international environment;

– Good knowledge (or at least keen interest to gain it) of some of the following areas: payments, cash management and financial markets is vital for this position;

– You have sound knowledge of relational databases and ideally have looked after the operation of a critical production installation of Oracle including its performance tuning as well as backup/restore scripts and processes;

– Excellent knowledge of at least one modern scripting language (Python, Ruby, Groovy). Knowledge of Python is big nice-to-have;

– Good knowledge of modern application servers such as Nginx, Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere;

– Good knowledge of enterprise level networking (TCP/IP, VPNs, SFTP, Proxy, Firewalls);

– Excellent knowledge of OS fundamentals with the ability to apply it in the context of modern operating systems, e.g. RHEL, CentOS etc.;

– Good knowledge and real-world experience in provisioning environments with tools such as Puppet, Chef, Docker;

– Knowledge of NoSQL data stores such as Cassandra, while not mandatory, is a strong nice-to-have;

– Experience in the inner workings of the JVM, while not mandatory, is an important nice-to-have;

– Experience with continuous integration and continuous delivery using modern OSS tools such as Jenkins, Maven/Gradle, Sonar;

– Performance/Capacity/Availability Monitoring, knowledge of well-known OSS tools in this area (such as Ganglia, Nagios, Graphite, and JMeter) is a big nice-to-have;

– Basic knowledge of Scrum;

– Able to work under pressure, no 9-5 mentality, willing to be on stand-by outside of office hours;

– Great English communication skills, verbal as well as written;

– CISSP certificate is a very important nice-to-have.


Important competences:

– problem solving;

– creativity;

– cooperation;

– disciplined and result oriented.


Siete interessati e volete candidarvi? Allora compilate il form che trovate qui di seguito in tutte le sue parti. Il Curriculum Vitae deve essere in lingua inglese e redatto con un modello internazionale. Non avete il CV in inglese o pensate che possa non essere vincente? Nessun problema, potete farvi aiutare dagli esperti che collaborano col nostro sito. Per ottenere l’aiuto degli esperti vi basterà inviare il vostro CV italiano all’indirizzo email con oggetto “Preventivo CV Inglese” e nel testo dell’email inserite l’autorizzazione al trattamento dati personali. Così facendo riceverete un preventivo economico e senza impegno.




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NB: non si ritiene in nessun modo responsabile per le offerte di lavoro che vengono pubblicate su questo sito ed i vari social networks. è totalmente estraneo a tutte le fasi di selezione del personale le quali vengono effettuate direttamente dall’agenzia di recruitment o dal datore di lavoro che ci invia l’annuncio.