Siamo stati contattati da un importante job recruiter che ha già selezionato personale attraverso il nostro portale Questa volta ci scrivono perchè stanno selezionando per la famosissima casa informatica Apple. L’azienda di Steve Jobs sta assumendo personale italiano e quindi il rappresentante del job recruiter ci chiede di pubblicare l’annuncio dal titolo “Apple assume personale italiano all’estero”. Leggiamo i dettagli di questa opportunità lavorativa.

Apple assume personale italiano all'estero

Apple assume personale italiano all’estero

Uno dei requisiti necessari e fondamentali richiesti dalla Apple è la buona conoscenza della lingua inglese. Per questo motivo ci è stato richiesto di lasciare l’annuncio in lingua originale.

Eccovi l’annuncio originale:

Apple Project:

Genuine interest to relocate to Greece
Familiar with Apple devices
IPhone users ideally with knowledge and usage of iCloud, iTunes, etc. or Android users passionate with mobile applications and gadgets!

Our client is one of the worldwide leading provider of outstanding customer experience at every single opportunity, has been serving companies around the world, providing superior results in managing their customer care, technical support and debt collection operations via email, chat and phone. With more than 138,000 employees around the world, counts with more than 270 centers, present in 46 countries.

The primary role of an Answer Desk CSS is: Handles and responds as a 1st line customer support using existing clients in Italian via Inbound Calls, E-mails or Chatting via multiple communication channels. Maintains solid End-User relationships by handling their questions and concerns with speed and professionalism. Performs data entry and uses software programs. Also, requires research skills to troubleshoot End-User’s problems.

Key Responsibilities:

– Strives towards customer retention and loyalty, fully supporting the End-User to achieve a successful outcome to his/her inquiry
– Follows standard diagnostic procedures with an emphasis on handling the most frequently asked questions as effectively as possible, recognizing more complex problems and escalating accordingly
– Demonstrates highly developed conversational and responsive chat skills, including during times of concurrent chat sessions
– Tracks and follows up cases to ensure that they closed in an efficient and timely manner
– Provides and maintains strong, professional relationship with all customers and shows empathy at all times
– Follows Contact Center procedures and ensures availability to take calls, e-mails and chats adopting the call handling procedure
– Works effectively as part of a team, developing effective and supportive relationships with colleagues and management
– Provides feedback to his/her superior on new/emerging issues that have been identified and works to proactively highlight areas that need to be improved
– Be positive and proactive and have a desire for positive improvement in quality
– Takes on board feedback and adapt skills accordingly
– Attends recurrent trainings published by the Client on a regular basis
– Other duties as assigned

General Information:
We will support you with relocation: flight ticket to arrive to Greece, taxi to a hotel, up to 2 weeks free hotel accommodation, real estate support, assistance with paperwork needed for hiring.

The training is conducted in English (8 hours per day) around 3 weeks.
The first 4 days of the training count as evaluation period and you are not getting paid for them.
The department operates from Monday to Sunday from 09:00- 21:00 and you will be working 5 days per week, 8 hours per day in rotating shifts.
Monthly gross salary is 1.045,72€. 23% of the total amount you are entitled to will be deducted for taxes & health insurance.
You will be paid extra when you work on Greek Holidays or Overtime as authorized by your line manager.
Plus production bonus from 0€ up to 200€ per month based to your performance.
You are also entitled to 3 extra bonuses per year – Christmas (One full salary), Easter (Half a salary), Vacation (Half a salary). These 2 extra salaries are proportionate to the days you have worked during the calendar year and will not include unauthorized absences.
The offered contracts are fixed term and the duration of which will be dependent upon and decided by the manager of the department. Please note that we are looking for new employees to stay with us for a long time and that this is not a short term project!
We are going to arrange all the documents you need so as to apply for a tax number, a bank account.

If you decide to end your employment for no obvious or serious reason earlier than 12 months from contract signature, a percentage (calculated dependent upon the time worked) of the relocation cost will be deducted from your last salary. In case we decide to end your employment earlier than 12 months from contract signature due to performance or behavior reasons, then we claim no amount and we arrange and pay for your ticket back.


Location: Athens (Greece)


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