2 nuove offerte di lavoro per Italian Speakers in Europa. Siamo stati contattati dalla Signora Ines, responsabile di un’agenzia di selezione personale internazionale. Ci scrive perché è alla ricerca di Italian Speakers in due capitali europee e quindi ci chiede aiuto. Pubblichiamo con molto piacere il suo annuncio nella sezione del sito dedicata alle offerte di lavoro all’estero. Leggiamo con attenzione tutti i dettagli di queste due proposte lavorative.


2 nuove offerte di lavoro per Italian Speakers in Europa


La prima proposta riguarda una posizione di Italian Customer Support nella città di Lisbona. L’annuncio viene pubblicato in lingua inglese in quanto uno dei requisiti richiesti è una buona conoscenza dell’inglese.


Are you looking for an international experience or to have a gap year, in a beautiful country, with amazing beaches, historic places to visit and lovely terraces to enjoy the end of your working days?

Join our team in Lisbon, we are increasing our teams!



  • Answer to customer queries and requests, in a simple way keeping your smile, ensuring their satisfaction through a unique customer experience
  • Keep in contact with clients by receiving incoming calls and emails, managing claims and requests



  • Fluency in Italian (C1 Level or Native)
  • C1 Level in English
  • Good computer skills
  • Any kind of previous experience or contact with clients
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good listening and empathy skills
  • Good time management skills
  • Team spirit and flexibility

La seconda posizione invece riguarda un ruolo di Italian Customer Service Agent nella città di Atene. Anche in questo caso è richiesta una buona conoscenza dell’inglese per cui pubblichiamo l’annuncio in lingua originale.


Responsibilities for the Customer Service Agent:

  • Ensure quality by enforcing standard policies and procedures 
  • Identify and assess customer’s need to achieve satisfaction.
  • Handle and resolve client’s problems via phone, chatting and emails.
  • Provide accurate and valid information by using the right tools.
  • Communicate clearly and gently with all consumers.
  • Follow communication procedures, guidelines and policies



  • Have developed communication and soft skills
  • Be fluent/native Italian and English.  Any additional languages are a plus
  • Be capable of handling stressful situations and demanding clients


Conditions and details:

  • The training is going to be in English, 8 hours daily, will last for about 3 weeks.
  • The first 4 days of the training count as evaluation period, and you are not getting paid for them.
  • 23% of the total amount you are entitled to; will be deducted for taxes.
  • You are getting paid extra when you work on official Greek Holidays or Overtime.
  • Health insurance coverage arranged and paid by the Employer.
  • You are also entitled to extra 3 bonuses per year: Christmas (One full salary), Easter (Half a salary), Vacation (Half a salary). The 2 extra salaries are proportionate to the working days during the year and not de facto regardless of absences.
  • 1.67 days off per month of cooperation – Up to 20 days off per year.
  • The offered contracts are fixed term ones and the duration of each is up to the manager of the team to be decided.
  • We are going to arrange all the documents you need so as to apply for a tax and insurance number & to open a bank account.
  • Relocation package: flight ticket + 2 weeks of accommodation + pick up from the airport


More information from the company:

  • They are the biggest company in Athens and one of the biggest Call Centre in Europe.
  • They have 30 different languages within the company
  • Employees have the possibility of career progression, after 6 months in the company they can apply for internal vacancies such as Supervisor, Trainer, QA, etc
  • They have some benefits and social activities: Carnival party, Christmas party, small trips to Ski for instance, Music festivals, some activities for specific communities such as Hebrew & Arabic, etc
  • Biggest teams: German, English, French and Scandinavian
  • Gym at their offices indoors and outdoors for free
  • Paid cruises to some of the Greek islands
  • Summer festivals
  • Winter trips to sky with everything paid by the company (training, equipment, accommodation, et.) and only 2 hours away from Athens!
  • Summer camps for the kids of the employees for free.
  • Campaigns for the environment: beaches cleaning, reforestation, recycling, etc.
  • Social campaigns: blood donation, clothing / food donation, help for homeless people, etc.
  • Cancer Awareness: during this campaign they had a doctor in house and they did more than 100 check ups to their employees for free to prevent breast cancer.
  • Every single employee has this application for free in order to access to their schedule in advance, have updates on new job opportunities, social activities, etc.
  • Career progression: They don’t hire externally higher positions. Supervisor, Trainers, QA, CCM (Contact Centre Manager) are promoted internally.
  • Working hours: Full time 40h per week on rotational shifts including weekends and public holidays


Recruitment process: call with one of the recruiters + interview with one of the recruiters + test + final interview with the manager of the project.

Siete interessati e vi volete candidare ad una delle due offerte di lavoro o a tutte e due? Allora preparate bene il vostro CV in inglese in formato internazionale, quindi non col modello Europass (ricordatevi che se avete bisogno di un aiuto professionale per tradurre il vostro CV in inglese e/o renderlo vincente per il mondo del lavoro internazionale, potete utilizzare il nostro servizio. Inviateci il CV italiano a admin@viviallestero.com con oggetto “Preventivo Traduzione CV Inglese” e vi invieremo un preventivo economico e senza impegno).


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